Positivity with a Purpose:

Helping Children Thrive


Saturday, September 28th was a tremendous success for the team at Langley Community Services Society and the Child Care Resource and Referral program. The event was sold-out with over 100 participants attending. Childcare and Youth professionals traveled from across the Lower Mainland and as far away as Kamloops, and 100 Mile House for an exciting interactive day to engage with Dr. Paul Jenkins.

A highlight to the conference was the attendance of Honorable Katrina Chen, Minister of State for Child Care.  Honorable Chen engaged with the audience and provided valuable information on the latest changes to the ECE field and Affordable Childcare Benefits.


Sue McInnis with her team and the help of Jenilee Woods (Manager, Family Services) organized a successful event, which was made possible by Sanjeev Nand (Executive Director), and the Board of Directors.  The team decided this was an important and necessary event to hold for Childcare and Youth professionals across the region, as investing in ourselves allows us to better serve our children and youth.


Dr. Jenkins spoke on the value of investing in Child Care Professionals, as well as focusing on one’s own survival in every aspect of life.

The main discussions of the day led by Dr. Paul and Vicki Jenkins included:

  • Introduction to the Positivity Model.
  • Stages of Moral Development.
  • Child Development and Language Enrichment.
  • The Influence Quadrant.

Dr. Jenkins emphasized the need for training the next generation and how it’s crucial to global happiness. Other themes he explored were Metacognition and the Gratitude Triple Plan. Metacognition involves the “Thinking about Thinking” and “finding common ground in uncommon times.” The Gratitude Triple Plan encourages people to list things they are grateful for and understanding feelings.

Dr. Jenkins notes that “we are after one thing: the feeling. The feeling that life is good. The feeling that life is great. That life is perfect. This is our quest.”

“Inspiring! Many Light Bulb moments. The best conference I have attended by far, it’s very relevant and applicable to all parts of life and work”.


Dr. Paul Jenkins is a world renowned Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach. He has written books like Pathological Positivity and shares his wisdom through the YouTube channel Live on Purpose TV. Joined by his wife Vicki Jenkins a Speech Pathologist, Dr. Jenkins delivered an informative and practical approach to making an immediate difference in your personal, familial, and professional lives by increasing engagement, productivity, happiness, staying positive day-to-day, and life tips & tricks for parenting”.

“Filled with fun, laughter, learning, and an engaging” speaker”.

“Paul was an amazing presenter with such powerful and thought-provoking information. Extremely engaging and knowledgeable.”

“Enjoyed it thoroughly. Interaction was good. Teamwork, stories between Paul and Vicki. Very motivated in explaining ‘in stages not ages’  Loved it!  Very informative. Interesting.


CCRR and LCSS would like to send out a huge thank you to those who participated from partnering communities and organizations. This event would not have been possible without dedicated professionals and the support the team received. Thank you!