Intensive Case Management (ICMT) Team

Langley Intensive Case Management (ICMT) Team

What is the Langley ICMT?

The Langley ICMT is a multi-disciplinary team that engages with clients that meet eligibility criteria through street outreach with a primary focus on client engagement, housing stability and brokering services, including provision of and access to health care including mental health services.  They work with clients where they are at, to create a plan to improve and stabilize their lives.  The team consists of 9 staff from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. 4 Case Managers; 1 peer Support Worker, 2 Nurses, 1 Addiction Specialist, 1 Housing Specialist, 1 Nurse Practitioner (1 day/week), 1 Psychiatrist (1 day/week) and a Team Lead.

The ICMT is not to respond to, nor provide crisis management to the community.  This program has been developed to reduce crisis/emergency incidents by creating a scope of health equity by bringing services to the population with a goal of transitioning them to current “mainstream” programs in the community.

Who does the ICMT serve?

The team specifically works with clients 19 years and older, who have problematic/chronic or dependent substance use (with or without mental illness, concurrent disorders or coexisting functional impairment).   These individuals may also be experiencing homelessness either chronically or episodically.   Clients who are assigned to the Langley ICMT may be referred by a community professional, families or clients can self refer.  Clients who are integrated into services must meet eligibility criteria and will be screened into the program.

When are services accessible?

Services are provided 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.  Services include housing support; substance use counselling and/or access to treatment; Rent supplements; Life skills support/skill building; Connecting individuals to community resources; Connecting clients to income services; Assessing need for/and facilitating access to medical care; Medication management if required; Supporting and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, personal hygiene and short/long term goal setting.

Who are the partners?

The Langley ICMT is a coalition of partners that include Fraser Health, Langley Community Services Society, Stepping Stone Community Services Society, Encompass Support Services Society and the Salvation Army Gateway of Hope.  We feel this community response was needed for Langley as expertise and relationships with the population served by the ICMT already exist.

What are the goals of the ICMT?

  • To engage and establish therapeutic relationships and provide client centered/individualized services with individuals who meet the ICMT criteria.
  • To reduce avoidable hospitalizations
  • Reduce the harms of substance use for individuals/families
  • Improve coordination of services/enhance integration of services for clients
  • Increase reach to health and psychosocial services for marginalized individuals/families.
  • To enhance the provision of housing and other community supports to assist the client to live in the community.

How do we access/refer to the ICMT?

You can contact the ICMT at 604-546-9044 their team outreach phone at 604-209-0023 for referral information.  Referral documentations are available at request.