Community Engagement

The designed outcome of the Community Engagement Program is to ensure that the City and Township of Langley continues to work towards a community vision of being welcoming and inclusive of all.

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Community Engagement will strive to ensure that there is increased awareness of the contributions and needs of new immigrants, and settlement and integration issues.  We will continue to build and work towards sustaining welcoming and inclusivity in the City and Township of Langley.

A community where:

•  new immigrants have a strong sense of belonging and a place they can call home
  a place where they are able to reach their full economic and social potential
  a place where they can visualize that all British Columbia communities are welcoming and inclusive of newcomers

Our vision: A community where people can celebrate their differences and similarities, where struggles and triumphs are void of racism and all persons are treated equally.

The City and Township of Langley are changing.  The Langleys are thriving communities that attract newcomers and welcome change, but change isn’t always easy.

Research has shown:

•  the immigrant population is expected to grow steadily
  the immigrant population in our communities is younger than the average population
•  immigration is important in the Langley communities as it provides a significant source of younger people which results in a strong labour force
  immigration plays a lead role in meeting job skills requirements, attracting investment and stimulating economic growth

Additional resources for immigrants and newcomers is provided in our employer toolkit and our service map.

The LCSS Community Engagement program is generously funded by:

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