Racism, Hate and Discrimination:

Honest and Difficult Discussions Are Needed To Reshape Our Broken Society

Dear Friends and Community Members,

As a POC Executive Director Sanjeev Nand talks about Racism, Hate and Discrimination

Executive Director Sanjeev Nand talks about Racism, Hate and Discrimination within our society.

LCSS denounces racism, hate and discrimination.  “I can’t breathe” movement is a voice for the injustice frequently faced by People of Colour, even in the most subtle of interactions.  As a culturally diverse agency that advocates equal justice and opportunity, we continue to be deeply affected by these senseless tragedies.  Sadly, the history of subjugating non-whites is part of Canada’s and the United State’s DNA, thereby making racism and discrimination entrenched within the very fabric of our society.

With the recent death of George Floyd, the voices of Black’s, Indigenous and the People of Colour are protesting for systemic change and the deconstruction of society as we know it.  Racism and discrimination permeates consciously and unconsciously and is a social construct of an oppressive system.  Racism, discrimination and hate are vicious, ugly and dominating and is rooted in the fears of the unknown or the misconceptions of others.

Today, the ugly face of racism, hate and discrimination has become more overt, however, it usually lives and thrives underground, and is used as a method of self interest and power to control the social and economic opportunity for those people of colour. Racism, hate and discrimination are real and may be expressed through subtle words and actions through what is called hidden racism.

LCSS recognizes the position of being a community leader to nurture and engage in uncomfortable discussions related to racism, discrimination and hate.  There is nothing more dangerous than ignorance, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Martin Luther King Jr.  We stand firm with our friends, neighbors and community partners to condemn and address social, economic and educational disparities.

Sanjeev Nand

Executive Director

Langley Community Services Society

604-533-7989 Ext. 1221