Settlement & Integration Services

Settlement and Integration Services is a twofold program that provides services to newcomer and refugees in the Langley’s in both Settlement and the newly revamped Early Learning Program.

Settlement Services provides weekly information and orientation workshops as well as needs assessments and settlement plans. Orientation; including referrals, provides information on regional and local resources, form assistance, housing, taxation, financial information, transportation and assistance with various government and non-governmental applications.  Weekly information workshops provide sessions on Resumes/Cover Letters/Thank You Letters, Interview Skills and Techniques, Basic Labour Market Information, Labour Laws and BC Human Rights, Employment and Training opportunities and the Legal Education System.

Settlement Services Programs include:

Mentorship and Volunteerism

Designed to work towards matching community mentors and volunteers with clients and/or newcomer families.

Women’s Empowerment Program

A 12-week program designed to empower immigrant women’s confidence and effective communication in their daily lives and within the community.

Senior’s Program

An annual program empowering immigrant seniors and promoting community engagement by participation, volunteerism and mentorship.

Youth Program

An annual program empowering immigrant youth’s participation and engagement within the community.

Conversation Circles

Six informal conversation circles provided on a weekly basis, addressing listening, reading, writing and speaking English skills.  Cultural norms as well as verbal and non-verbal communication skills are further addressed.

Early Learning Program
Supporting Refugees
Community Engagement

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